Policy statement


This policy provides information to all people working with ARMAR HEALTHCARE  acceptable use of social media in relation to their work.


Comments published via social media platforms are public statements and should be made by an authorised spokesperson in the same way that comments are made in any public forum or to the media.


This policy supports ARMAR HEALTHCARE  to apply the Standard 1: Rights and Standard 6: Service Management. Practice Standard 2 Provider Governance and Operational Management (National Quality system).




This policy applies to Board members and all paid staff including permanent and casual employees, contract workers, temporary agency workers, and volunteers.  Anyone working with or for ARMAR HEALTHCARE  expected to be familiar with this policy and use the approved procedures for responding to real and possible conflicts of interest.


This policy is owned by the board.




  • Only authorised persons can release organisational information including on social media.
  • ARMAR HEALTHCARE has official social media accounts that are uses to share information with the public and answer general queries. 
  • Any engagement, conversation or interaction between ARMAR HEALTHCARE staff and others is respectful and appropriate.
  • ARMAR HEALTHCARE communicates honestly with staff and participants, their families and carers.
  • Private information about individuals accessing services is confidential.
  • Any public information shared by ARMAR HEALTHCARE is accurate and timely.
  • Staff are entitled to use their personal social media accounts for private purposes in their own time and on their own device.


Key actions/Procedures


Work-based social media


The release and use of any work-related information must be approved by the CEO. This includes approval of the message, the social media platform and the timing of any post or comment.


People working for ARMAR HEALTHCARE  whether paid or unpaid must not talk about or provide information about participants on any social media platform. This applies to activities at work and during non-work hours.


People working for ARMAR HEALTHCARE  whether paid or unpaid must not answer questions or provide advice on any issue related to their place of employment, the nature of their job or the types of services provided.


They can make a note of the request or issue and refer it to the ARMAR HEALTHCARE  and provide a response to the person asking the question using the authorised information. The CEO or their delegate will approve the response.


Staff who manage official ARMAR HEALTHCARE  social media profiles is responsible for ensuring all information is approved for publication prior to publishing.

Authorised spokespersons must identify themselves as ARMAR HEALTHCARE  representative, only disclose authorised information. They must comply with any legal requirements such as copyright, privacy, defamation, contempt of court, discrimination, cyberbullying or harassment. Any comments must be lawful and respectful.


Personal use


Any personal use of social media is to be in personal time only and not on any organisational device.


Unauthorised staff must not imply that they are authorised to speak as a representative of ARMAR HEALTHCARE  nor give the impression that the views expressed are those of ARMAR HEALTHCARE .


Any person working for ARMAR HEALTHCARE  must not use the identity or likeness of another employee, contractor or other member ARMAR HEALTHCARE .


They must not post any material that is, or might be construed as, threatening, harassing, bullying or discriminatory towards another employee or volunteer of ARMAR HEALTHCARE . We encourage staff to resolve issues with other staff members by talking to their manager or someone in Human resources who can support a dispute resolution process.


Staff must not comment or post any material that might otherwise cause damage to ARMAR HEALTHCARE  reputation or the reputation of its staff.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action or, in more serious cases, termination of employment.


Anyone working for ARMAR HEALTHCARE  should contact their manager for advice if they aren’t sure about anything in this policy or if they have any concerns about social media content related to staff or the Organisation.



Social media:  refers to any internet-based exchange of information or interaction and includes but is not limited to

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Instagram
  • Snap Chat
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Yammer
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Tik Tok


Social media content: includes all forms of communication including written words as posts, emails or texts. It includes video and audio files. Images, graphics and emojis.


Related policy and procedures


  • Privacy Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Bullying Policy
  • ICT Policy (use of equipment/cyber-security)
  • Bullying Policy


Related legislation and standards


  • Carers’ Recognition Act 2004
  • Disability Services Act 1986
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1987
  • Privacy Act 1988
  • United Nations Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • National Standards for Disability Services
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Practice Standards 2018



Date of approval: [13/01/23]

Date of review: [13/01/24]

Signature of management: