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Mobility Scooter Cane Holder


- Mobility scooters make getting out and about easier for the user and are Ideal for travelling short- to medium- distances.
- Mobility scooters are often used in conjunction with other mobility aids, including walking frames and canes.
- A mobility scooter cane holder allows you to take your cane with you when out and about and easily access it to walk short distances.
- The cane holder for mobility scooters mounts directly onto the scooter towbar.
- It’s also available as a side mount option, or with an additional flag holder for increased safety and visibility.
- The cane can be easily slipped into the holder when not in use, then accessed for use where a mobility scooter isn’t appropriate, such as inside a store or waiting room.

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

  • Scooter mounted walking stick holder
  • Mounts directly onto the scooter tow bar (or side option)
  • Also available in side mounted and flag holding version
  • Both options come in either single or double
  • For Cane Holder Double Side and Single Side requires L Piece Accessory (SCA668310)
  • Please note: Picture shows Cane Holder Single Rear

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year
  • Contracted DVA product
  • Contract approved




New South Wales


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