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- Personalise your mobility scooter and get the most of out it with our range of accessories.
- The L-Piece mount allows you to easily add additional accessories to your mobility scooter.
- It’s designed for use with other mobility scooter accessories, including the oxygen bottle holder, cane holder and walking frame holder.
- An oxygen bottle holder is ideal for mobility scooter users who need regular access to oxygen.
- It carries a 406L oxygen bottle mounted to the scooter tow bar with the aid of an L-piece mount.
- The golf bag mount is ideal for the avid golfer.
- Avoid the additional cost of hiring a golf cart and simply turn your mobility scooter into a convenient way to get around the course.
- This is best fitted to our range of heavy-duty Pride mobility scooters designed for uneven terrain.Genr

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

  • Scooter mounted oxygen bottle holder
  • Carries a 406L oxygen bottle
  • Fits easily into the scooter tow bar on the rear
  • Can be used in conjunction with the cane holder mount
  • If by itself, requires the “L” Piece Accessory (SCA668310)

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year
  • Contracted DVA product
  • Contract approved




New South Wales


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