Pride Mobility



- Extend the use of your mobility scooter with a convenient rear storage bag.
- Mobility scooter bags are ideal for carrying shopping or personal items when out and about.
- The enclosed design of the mobility scooter bag offers better protection and holds more than a standard wire basket. It’s ideal for longer trips or extended time outside on your mobility scooter.
- The mobility scooter bag fits easily onto the scooter tow bar using the included mounting hardware.
- The bag is made from hard-wearing, functional material that offers protection from the elements.

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Scooters Choice Assistance Guide

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Daily Living PAG - Mobility & Access

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

Pride Mobility Scooter Choice Assistance Guide

  • Scooter bag attachment to carry bits and pieces
  • Fits easily into the scooter tow bar on the rear
  • Durable black tonneau material
  • Comes with all mounting hardware required for installation (including L Piece Accessory)

Warranty Information

  • 1 Year
  • Contracted DVA product
  • Contract approved




New South Wales


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