Standard 6 policy


Continuous improvement policy


Policy statement

This policy supports ARMAR HEALTHCARE  to apply the National Standards for Disability Services, in particular Standard 6: Service Management.


ARMAR HEALTHCARE  is committed to continuous service improvement. Continuous improvement requires a deliberate and sustained effort and a learning culture. It is results-driven with a focus not only on strengthening service delivery but also on individual outcomes. 


This policy guides the design and delivery of services and ensures ARMAR HEALTHCARE  maintains high standards, improves systems and processes, adapts to changing needs and demonstrates organisational improvement.



All staff, whether permanent or casual, contractors, volunteers or business partners, are responsible for monitoring how well ARMAR HEALTHCARE ’s services and supports are working.



  • All services provided to people with disability and all processes and procedures undertaken by staff are the best they can be.
  • Services are regularly reviewed and measured for quality and effectiveness.
  • Staff and people with disability are encouraged to provide feedback on how to improve service delivery.
  • People with disability should be involved in all decision-making processes that affect them.
  • People with disability, family and carers can provide valuable insights about the effectiveness of services, highlight any gaps/or issues that arise and provide ideas for improvements and innovation.
  • A learning culture of quality of the organisation ensures all staff, regardless of their role, contribute to service quality and quality management.
  • Planning, resource allocation, risk management and reporting are critical for continuous improvement and part of an integrated approach that supports ARMAR HEALTHCARE ’s mission and vision.
  • ARMAR HEALTHCARE is committed to innovation, high quality, continuous improvement, contemporary best practice and effectiveness in the provision of supports to people with disability.



Continuous improvement – the ongoing effort to improve services, systems, processes or products to maximise individual outcomes. Evidence-based approaches are used the organisation adapts to changing needs of the community or people accessing services.


Quality management – systems and processes used to monitor, review, plan, control and ensure quality of services, supports or products. Sometimes referred to as quality assurance.


Related policy and procedures

  • Code of conduct
  • Continuous improvement plan


Related legislation and policy

  • Carers’ Recognition Act 2004
  • Disability Services Act 1986
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1987
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991
  • United Nations Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • National Standards for Disability Services
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme 2013: Principles
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding Framework



Date of approval: [13/01/23]

Date of review: [13/01/24]

Signature of management: